Insurance Claim Consulting

We have extensive expertise in providing insurance consulting services to claims professionals, in-house and outside counsel, and other professionals involved in assessing insurance claims.

When you partner with Nawrocki Smith, we work closely with you to identify the essential elements of the claim to improve claim management and the decision-making process.  We assist you with analysis and information that you can rely upon for cost-effective decision-making and improved claim management.


Consulting Services for Insurance Claims including:

Nawrocki Smith can train your underwriters, claims professionals, attorneys, field representatives and investigators to enhance their skills, help them keep abreast of the latest trends and provide insight on the financial and other related aspects of each claim.

Claim Consulting:
We work closely with your professionals to identify the essential aspects of the case to improve claim management and decision making. Our consulting services can be performed on-site or from our Melville office; on a scheduled basis or as needed; long term or short term.

We provide on-site training seminars designed to improve skills, present the latest trends, and provide financial analysis insight to underwriters, claims professionals, attorneys, field representatives and investigators.

Field Audits and Investigations:
At times the most effective way to understand a claim situation is to meet at the insured’s place of business, allowing you to obtain the information required to make informed decisions. We provide these services throughout the country.